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Lauren – 6
Weight: 52lbs 11.2oz 83rd percentile
Height:  49″ 96th percentile

Evan – 4
Weight:  47lbs 8oz 97th percentile
Height: 42.5″ 85th percentile

Sophie – 2
Weight: 28lbs 64th percentile
Height: 36″ 94th percentile

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Sophie – 18 Months!


Everything is going well, healthy as could be.

Weight: 24lbs 12oz – 76th Percentile
Height: 31.8 inches – 48th Percentile
Head:  47.75cm – 86th Percentile.

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Humpday Hamburgers


We don’t really follow menu planning around here.  We probably should, we just usually ask ourselves at some point during the day what sounds good and what we have the food/items to make and go from there, but we are going to change that…kind of.  Introducing Humpday Hamburgers!  Starting next week, we are going to do burger night on Wednesday (humpday for those normal working stiffs).  I will post the burger of the week on Monday or Tuesday and if you would like to come…just let us know and we will see you for burgers on Wednesday at 6pm.  Hopefully this might help encourage friends and family that we can’t always see because of our work schedule to come visit.  We can always have vegetarian options and for the kiddies…well mine won’t eat burgers so hotdogs or cheese “burgers” (aka cheese sandwiches) are always around too.

Hope to see you one Wednesday for a burger!

Humpday Hamburger

Humpday Hamburger

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