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We went kayaking again today and even took Syd with us this time.  She wasn’t so sure about it, but did pretty well.  I think the most annoying thing for her was that she couldn’t reach over the side of the kayak to drink the water, which is great for us because salt water sure does a number on her digestive system!  We paddled from Northpoint just around the harbor, to the bridge and fish ladder to see if there were any fish running yet.  We saw lots of little tiny fish, but no salmon.

Seals however were everywhere and very curious!  There were a couple of times they swam under us and would pop up next to us within paddle reach, but every time they did Sydney was looking the other direction, I don’t think she ever saw them.  In retrospect that was probably a good thing because if she tried to jump out to chase them she probably would have capsized us all!  Good thing she doesn’t like water, or she might have a couple of times, but when she would shift and the boat would rock she would just hunker down in the hatch.  She fit pretty well back there, even with her puppy PFD on.  We didn’t get any pictures of her, it was a bit tough because she was behind us, but someone did come out of one of the buildings downtown to take a photo of us!

As always we got lots of compliments on Nesi’ka, she is a beautiful boat, and if our PFDs were just an inch or two longer it would be even more comfortable to paddle without seats.  Can’t wait to get those seats!

So this is the photo I took of the view from the 5th Avenue bridge.  As you can see the water again was smooth and since it was slightly overcast it was a nice and cool day to paddle!

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