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Yesterday Nathan and I decided we needed to get out and go kayaking so we took the kayak down to Capitol Lake.  We put in at Marathon Park, which has a dock so we didn’t have to put our feet in the icky water, it is gross this time of year.  We paddled up the lake towards Tumwater Falls, we saw lots of bird life, some seals (they must have gone up the fish ladder), and fish, it was an easy paddle and it felt great to be in the kayak again with our new custom seats, it was much more comfortable than sitting in the bottom of the boat!

We probably could have gotten closer to the falls, but we didn’t move that way soon enough and the current from the falls was pushing us too quickly but that is ok, we could still see them, and it was nice and cool in the shade of the trees.  The old, old Brewery is such a great building to study and look at, it definitely needs a lot of work, but you can still see a lot of the architectural details they put into it so long ago, and it would be a fantastic anything, if someone would just do something with it.  We were trying to figure out how one would get there via land because we know there must be a road of some sort, but we couldn’t see one at all, and for us sitting in the kayak it looks like the easiest way to get there is by water.  I didn’t take the camera so no photos this time, but I think we will take that paddle again so next time I will have some photos to share.

I know this all used to be marsh and wetlands and you can still see plenty of that evidence, especially upstream from the lake, but it is too bad that more can’t be done with the lake, if it was like Greenlake in Seattle with a swimming area, more boats, and more activity I think more people would appreciate it. We enjoyed our paddle, and even though the water is really quite disgusting in some parts (like when we had to back up to go around the algae because we were pushing it instead of going through it), it is such a beautiful spot.  In most of the area the trees come right down to the waterline, and the contrast between the green trees, the water (which sometimes looked blue, but in several places was quite green) the Capitol dome rising out of the treeline, and the wildlife was just stunning.  Today we are going to go try our our new single kayak we picked up a few days ago!  Stay tuned.

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