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I am so excited!  While we were away at our friends B&B they served raspberry sorbet one morning for the fruit course.  It was absolutely delicious, so much flavor.  I assumed that she had made it, Nathan had assumed she had bought it.  Oh no…she never would serve something store bought, and I was right, she had made it from the raspberries in their garden.  So then we got talking about ice cream makers and how easy it was to make sorbet.  And considering even Nathan thought it was tasty he started asking me what fruit we could use to make sorbet.  YEA!!!  So finally when we were at Costco today Nathan said we could get the ice cream maker I had been eying since June!  And guess what…it was the last one, and stuck in with the toasters.

So now…I have strawberries picked and ready to turn into a lovely sorbet for breakfast.  Of course I probably have enough strawberries to make several batches, and the raspberries are just turning ripe, and there will be more strawberries in a few days.  We have Vegans coming to stay tomorrow night so it will be perfect, no animal products in sorbet, plus it is supposed to be hot tomorrow so it will be nice and and refreshing.

Oh and I found recipes for plums, and lemons, and watermelon.  Anyone have any interesting combinations that they think would be good?  I would love to see if anyone in the neighborhood knows of any unsprayed blackberry thickets, blackberry sorbet…yum!  Or for something a little exotic, banana with coconut milk?  If we do get akeebia and kiwi this year (no blooms yet) that might be something really interesting for a sorbet.

Our plums on the tree are finally ripe so I went and picked another bowl full today (a huge mixing bowl), and will probably be picking plums every day for a week or so, the tree is full of them.  Plus our neighbor two doors down who has recently moved out of the neighborhood but still owns the house has several plum trees and he said we were welcome to as many as we would like, so I do believe I will be able to replenish our plum butter supply.  The apples are falling rapidly.  I may try and pick some of them and see what the insides look like and decide if apple sauce is in my future.  The chunky applesauce that I serve warm in the winter is really popular with our guests (especially when you tell them the apples are from the trees out the front).

The longest part of making the sorbet though is unfortunately waiting for the bowl to freeze!  I suppose I could make the test batch tonight for dessert.  I am sure I can convince Nathan as long as the strawberry doesn’t have strawberry chunks in it.

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