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Garden Harvest


Since the weather is turning and we wanted to try some winter crops we decided to harvest the last of our tomatoes (green or not), and our carrots that were in one bed.  Our hope is to build a cold frame using the posts that held up the tomatoes and grow salad greens in there!  Yummy, fresh garden greens all winter long?  Yes it is true!  If we can find some starts.

So there were a ton of carrots and tomatoes.  We kept the tomatoes on the vines and they are ripening on cookie sheets in the garden room.  There are quite a few, so we’ll have to see if they all turn or not, otherwise…fried green tomatoes anyone?  Some of them are starting to turn already.  It is promising.  Maybe enough for another batch of sauce or soup?  Still haven’t been able to locate a food mill though!  You would think somewhere would have one.  Bed, Bath and Beyond says they normally have them but they are out.  I will have to check again, I have a 20% off coupon too, so cross your fingers.  Plus I can use it for the carrots and make some babyfood for Lauren and can that for when she is older.  Plus there is always applesauce.


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