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It is really here in full bloom.  The weather is improving, we have had some incredibly nice days.  The garden is coming along, and we are focusing more of our efforts on the exterior of the inn than the interior this year, so we welcome the nice days that we can be outside.  Spring here reminds me that the inn used to be surrounded by orchards and in the forest this time of year you can see the remnants, a pear tree here,  a cherry tree there, growing tall and gangly among the evergreens.  The rest of the year you don’t notice them as much, but when they are in full bloom you can see them in all the splendid glory.  The downside is that because they are so tall and gangly you can’t reach the fruit!  The birds sure enjoy it though.

Every morning we are woken with the sounds of birds chirping outside, such a beautiful sound.  With all of our feeders scattered around the property we see them throughout the day as wel eating.  We have quite the collection of Blue Stellar Jays that hang around.  A guest told us that they bring good luck.  They are always welcome!

I am reminded though at night of my chidlhood when we sleep with an open window and I don’t hear frogs singing.  For the majority of my childhood we lived near a creek and in spring the tree frogs would all be singing and croaking, it is such a lovely sound to fall asleep to and I don’t hear them here.  Every now and then I might here one random one, but not very often.

We have planted seeds in our veggie patch and have planted a lot more densly than we have in the past, we will see how that goes for us this year as far as yeilds go.  We also started our next crops from seed indoors and they should be ready to go out in a week or so.  Our asaragus doesn’t seem to be doing too much, but I am not sure what exactly it is supposed to be doing, I would imagine it is suppose to be growing, but I am not certain.

Well off to do some projects outside while the weather is nice!

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