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Repacking the camping gear


So the camping gear has mostly all come out of the van, kitchen items gone through the dishwasher and been repacked into their respective plastic totes.  Our friends Jess and Steven has borrowed our larger tent for a camping trip over the weekend and we are left trying to figure out the easiest way to organize the remaining items so we can find them when our next camping trip calls.  We think our next trip may be a kayak based trip over to Hope Island, we would love to do it this summer, but we will have to see how things pan out on that front.

My dream would be to create a storage bin that fits in the back of the van on a roller system as when the back door is up there are two small cupboards on the left and right and then a large rectangular opening that is a T shape, but getting anything into the top of the T, behind the cupboards is pretty hard.  So a roller system that would pull out into a large rectangle with a drop down leg so you could pull it out, pack it, push it in, then when you are the camp, pull it out and unpack it, plus then not have to worry about things getting caught in the guides for the seat (that turns into a bed) which is the problem we had before when we had our sleeping bags stored in the top of the T.  If we also had certain things packed into bins (like our camp kitchen) that fit easily into the pull out system it would make packing the van for a camping trip so much easier.  Now to do some measuring and see how it could easily, inexpensively, and strongly manufactured.  If it was easier to do we might actually do it more often as well, at the moment it is a bit of a chore to pack things up for camping.

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