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Garden is Plum crazy!


We are under attack from our plum tree.  Who knew one tree could produce so many plums.  So I will busily be making plum butter to can (I use it and broil kielbasa sausage in it, it is lovely), slicing them in half and freezing some, as well as pureeing some and freezing it in quantities to make plum sorbet, it is an odd color (lemony brown), but I quite like it.  It almost tastes spiced with cloves and cinnamon without adding anything.  Tart and sweet and creamy, our guests have raved about it too, so I will continue.  I also make a plum berry pudding.  It is a beautiful thing too with these little plums.  The recipe was from Bon Appetit.  Since the plums are so small I make a flower on the bottom / top.  The nice thing is that I can make a bunch of them and keep them in the fridge when we have several full houses in a row with no carry over guests.  The bad (but good) thing at the moment is that we have had several long term guests (13 night and now 11 nights), and the ones at the moment are gluten free so a bread pudding isn’t going to work very well.

Also our garden is still producing strawberries and raspberries, the strawberry patch has done well enough to do several breakfasts so far, and the rasperries have too, it is so nice to go out the back and pick your own produce.

The grapes, all will have tons of grapes on them this year, and I think we will actually get some butternut squash.  Last year we didn’t get any.  We planted two English cucumbers and one plant has several flowers and three cucumbers, the other, a couple of flowers.  Our tomatoes have not thrived but we are getting some fruit.

We made a new bed under Lauren’s window as we had move the compost bins we just dumped it into that bed.  We planted lettuce, chard, and basil, but we have several squash plants and tomato plants that have grown, as well as some pepper plants and they are thriving.  Apparently the compost bin didn’t get hot enough to kill the seeds.  We aren’t complaining though.

The akeebia has some fruit on it, it hasn’t ripened as of yet though, I am kind of excited I want to know what it tastes like and what my fod possibilities are.

The rose garden has been our focus so our vegetable garden has been a tad neglected.  Our goal after the rose garden has been finished is to get water back into the garden so we can have our drip irrigation again, our plants would be so much happier!  That was the one summer our garden did outstandingly well.  We watered every day at 4am for 15 minutes, and then after a really hot day we would water at 10pm for 10 minutes.  Everything was so lush and sweet and fast growing and productive.   Our last step for the rose garden is going to be a delivery of compost top dressing and I think we will get enough to do our garden beds as well and get a jump on the next season.

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