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Our garden didn’t produce as well as in years past.  A combination of no water (the water line was cut and capped with our extension), poor soil, and lack of time meant our fruits and veggies didn’t fare well.  The bright spots.  Cucumbers, we have gotten quite a few, and they made excellent tzatziki.  We think though they were mislabeled.  We wanted English cucumbers.  Long, low moisture, few small seeds.  These are big and fat, with lots of big seeds.  It takes a bit more to get the moisture out of them but they taste good.  Raspberries and Strawberries.  They both went nuts this year producing and they are still producing now, although we are nearing the end of our sorbet season, and transitioning back into warm fruits for fall and winter, but I still keep picking them.  Grapes.  Both of our red seedless grape vines are producing the most delicious grapes, they are still small tiny little things but they have the most flavor, almost a cinnamon taste.  Lauren loves them.  The garden bed under Lauren’s window.  we created this bed as a place to put the compost in one of the bins as it needed to be relocated.  The problem?  I don’t think all the seeds got hot enough in the compost to kill them so we have what we think are tomatoes and butternut squash plants taking over the lettuce and other treats that were planted there.  Lots of blooms on the plants but little fruit.

The akeebia have fruit and we haven’t harvested it yet.  We aren’t exactly sure how to tell when they are ripe.  They are still green.  And we do think we will get quite a few squash this year (yum).  The bad thing our tomatoes did not do well.  I think some of those were mislabeled as well, one of them was supposed to be a red heirloom variety and they are yellow.  Hmmm.  I don’t know if we will be buying from that vendor again.

The good thing is that the rose garden did get completed and it looks lovely and with the mulch the roses are starting to rebloom.  Now to pick out other roses and plants to complete it, plus transplant some plants (flowers) in our garden beds so we can dedicate the beds to fruits and veg.  Fall is going to be a busy time outside in the garden.

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