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We are currently doing some MAJOR outside landscaping stuff, in the way of removing 30 year old junipers and thus filling a 16 yard "drop box" with said junipers.  Not an easy task, but very fulfilling because I have hated them since we bought the inn.  Apparently this provides for a perfect "Quotes From The Backseat" moment, or two. 

Lauren and I were outside, she was wearing an appropriate sun dress.  Since I was tackling the junipers I was wearing clothing from head to toe with only my face exposed and really I should have had that covered too.  I was hot, and not in a good way.  I was dirty.  I was smelly.  I was a mess.  I took a break sitting on the front porch steps in the shade drinking water when Lauren came and tried to climb onto my lap for a cuddle.  Perfect timing.  No not really.  I said to her, "Please don't climb on my lap I am hot, sweaty and dirty."  She just looked at me.  I said, "Momma's yucky and I don't want you to get yucky too."  This time she looks at me and says, "No mommy, not yucky, just mommy."  So am I always yucky? Or was that a compliment?  Who knows, it made me laugh though.

Then about an hour later I needed to use the little ladies room, Nathan had gone in to do something so I told Lauren she needed to come inside so mommy could go potty.  She came running up and whispered in her voice loud enough that everyone (not that there was anyone mind you) could hear, "Mommy just go pee in the grass!"  I told her, "I'm not going to go pee in the grass."  She says, "I'll show you how!  Come on!"  I told her, "Ok you go first."  Her response.  "No thanks, I use the potty."  Apparently the grass is only good enough for the dog and mommy.

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