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When I Grow Up #2.


A few weeks ago we were watching the news and a teaser about Pat Summitt came on.  For those who are not in the know, she is/was a college woman’s basketball coach for Tennessee.  She has early onset dementia.  So the teaser came on and Lauren points and says, “I’m going to play basketball for her when I get big.”  How or why she knew who she was I have no idea.  We don’t watch basketball.  That whole week she was insisting on playing basketball, so I would set up baskets for her to throw balls into.

Today she puts on one of her dressup scarves and says, “I’m going to be on Dancing with the Stars” and starts singing the song and dancing.  I tell her, “I will come and watch you dance when you are on.”  She says, “Wait mom, I am going to be a dancer with the Wiggles first, THEN I will be good enough to be on Dancing with the Stars.”

Ok…got it.  Basketball player and professional dancer.  Anything else?

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