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About Me!


Casey is a native of Washington, growing up her entire life in the shadow of the Mount Rainier. This is reflected in the amount of local knowledge she retains. She loves the diversity of the state and the amount of outdoor activities that are available because of that diversity.

Casey is also an avid sea kayaker and even spent a summer as a guide in the San Juans where she even learned more about the local area as well as the local fauna and flora. Casey also enjoys writing and photography and she finds there are numerous subjects to study for both in the Pacific Northwest.

She also has a passion for cooking, which is evident when you dine at her table. She has been cooking as long as she could either see over the counter, or move a chair to the counter. Cooking and baking are a form of art and not to be intimidating, just a reflection on yourself, be creative, try new things, improvise, you will either find that it is delicious or not and that is half the fun of it!

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