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It floats!


Took Nesi’ka for her inaugural float today.  Nesi’ka means "us together" in Chinook.  Seemed appropriate for a double kayak that we worked on together for a while and paddle together.  She handles like a dream, one of the best boats I have ever paddled.  It is light, tracks really well, slices through the water with little effort and even without seats of any sort (they haven’t come in yet) it is pretty comfortable for a short paddle.  I was amazed at how light it was, it was the first time I have picked it up, and I swear our bags with groceries from Costco weigh more!  It would be a bit awkward but I think one person could probably load and unload the boat from the car.

We put in at the public boat ramp at the Nisqually Reach and paddled around the delta for a couple of hours.  Of course there wasn’t anything in the boat as far as gear, but it was watertight at all the seals and just our bums got a bit wet from when we got in and from sitting on the bottom of the boat.  We couldn’t be happier and it was a great day for a paddle.

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Kayak is home!


Well after travelling on the roof of a much smaller car the kayak has arrived safely home.  We are hoping to go for a short paddle tomorrow if everything goes to plan, but plans never seem to go that way, so we will see.

So if I were to drive my car into the water would it float with the kayak on the roof?  Lets not find out!  Old VWs might float, but I doubt this one does!


Picking up our kayak!


We bought a stip kayak kit from Pygmy Boats about three years ago, maybe a bit longer.  We had it set up in the garage of the condo which was JUST long enough to lay out the strips.  Then we purchased the inn and we had to transport it here, which we did in the back of a LONG moving truck.  Then the strips sat in the attic where we were going to work on it, but as the attic didn’t have a real floor just plywood over the rafters it was too noisy to do while guests were here.  Then when we started working on the attic we moved it to our shed that we extended to fit the kayak in.  And still we didn’t work on it.  So we found a guy named Casey that has Kea Kayaks that does just this sort of thing!  So the first thing he did was break the strips back into their original sizes so he could transport it.  All that work we did…oh well!  But it is done!  And pretty!  And I can’t wait to take it for a paddle.  We are going to pick it up with the bug, so we should be a sight going down the road, but the boat is so light that even I can pick it up, and it is a double!  It will be fantastic.


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