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Sophie – 1yr


Growing Well!!

Weight: 21lbs 12oz – 77th percentile
Height: 30.25 inches – 84th percentile
Head:  45.9 cm – 75th percentile

So above average now and catching up to her off the curve siblings!  Top two center teeth came in at 8 months.  Those pesky 1yr molars are trying to come through, but no other teeth look like they are trying to come through as of yet.  Still a late bloomer compared to her siblings in that way.  Crawling but not walking, but certainly surfing the furniture.  Happy Baby!!

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Sophie 6 months


Sophie had her 6 month appointment on 2/19 and her measurements were perfectly average!

Height: 26 1/8″ – 54th percentile
Weight: 16 lbs – 44th percentile
Head: 42.5 cm – 54th percentile

She got her first tooth on 2/21 her lower right front, and her second tooth the lower left front on 2/28.  No crawling yet, but she is trying and getting close!

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Sophie – 4 Months


12/17/12 Appointment

Weight – 13lbs, 8oz – 32nd percentile
Height – 25 inches – 70th percentile
Head – 40.5 cm – 44th percentile

Perfectly average!

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